2010 Project Milagro Videos and Photos


Every initiative has its challenges, both expected and unexpected. For Project Milagro, one of the unexpected challenges was more than a bump in the road. Heavy rains from tropical storms in late 2009 damaged the main access road to the well-site. Work could not continue without repairing the road and constructing a retaining wall. The church, community and water board collected the necessary materials and organized volunteers to design and implement a 15-meter retaining wall that will protect the road from further erosion. WATCH NOW.



May 25, 2010 was a day of great celebration for the communities of Las Delicias, Las Animas and El Rosario! Phase 4 of 7 of Project Milagro was nearing completion and the goal for the day was to test the main water line and all the components of the system involved in bringing water from the well site to the first distribution tank in El Rosario. WATCH NOW.



Beneath the shade of trees in Las Delicias hundreds of community members aswell asLarry Kasper, ENLACE USA President, inaugurating the 4th stage of Project Milagro in El Rosario. ENLACE staff and local government representatives gathered to celebrate the newest milestone for Project Milagro: the completion of the fourth of seven stages necessary to bring clean water to thousands in the communities of Las Delicias, Las Animas and El Rosario. The initiative has seen much progress in 2010 with the completion of an additional distribution tank, installation of the main pumps, testing of the first 3km of piping and a filtration system. The church and community members are motivated and committed to see their milagro become a reality.