After 7 Years, Marina Continues to Hope...and Volunteer

I will be really happy when we get water; things will be better.
— Marina, Project Milagro Beneficiary and Volunteer

It's about 5:30 in the morning, and Marina is already up.  Since she has no running water in her house, Marina will walk about a kilometer to a river to bathe.  For you and me, walking through the morning chill to a cold shower in a river sounds uninviting, but this is only part of the hardship that Marina will face this morning.  Marina will carry her 20-year-old son to the river, as well. Osmán has a mental handicap that also affects his limbs, making the trek down the mountain extremely difficult.

Marina will be one of the first to receive clean, running water after the completion of the next phase of Project Milagro; but she has been involved longer than most.  She began volunteering over five years ago and now, at 64 years old, continues to haul bricks and dig trenches alongside the men of the community.  Miguel Durán, president of the local water board and pastor of the Bueno Samaritano Church, says he's lost count of how many times Marina has shown up to a work site to help out.

In an interview that took place seven years ago, Marina told ENLACE, “I will be really happy when we get water; things will be better.”  It was the hope of having clean water for herself and her son that motivated her to work so tirelessly.  And if you can believe it, her hope hasn't waned. She continues still to hope and to work...and to walk to the river every morning.

With just a $175 donation, an entire family like Marina's will have water in their homes. With just $25, one person--like Marina and Osmán--will have clean and affordable water available directly in the home.

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Posted on October 28, 2014 .