Looking Back: ENLACE Helps the Local Church to Navigate

Back in 2009, ENLACE helped the Buen Samaritano Church to navigate the legal waters of signing an agreement that would greatly broaden Project Milagro's impact. This was an update written by former volunteer, Peter Desoto, that explained the process and the historic agreement.

As many of you know, ENLACE is the Spanish word for link. And since ENLACE’s approach is not to introduce and implement our own projects, but is to help link churches to their communities, resources and other organizations, it’s an apt description. But when I came into the ENLACE office this morning, I thought of another word that could describe what ENLACE is: An interface. An interface is a connection over which multiple parties can communicate. And at ENLACE we act as a type of interface between churches and communities spearheading projects and entities that can help them make those projects happen.

Today, leaders from the recently legalized water board, called ADSA, were here at the ENLACE office formalizing a proposal for continued government involvement in the project. Specifically, they were requesting the use of specialized machinery that will be used to clean the wells in preparation for pump insertion. This would normally cost about $3000 per day. With God’s blessing, ANDA might provide this service as a donation just as it did earlier this year when it donated more than $130,000 in piping and materials for the first stage of the distribution system.

Posted on June 29, 2009 .