Combining Passion and Purpose: "Paco" Profile

When the local church works with its community, God’s love can be shown in a way that the community can tangibly experience it. Showing love to your neighbor: that’s what the local church is all about. -Paco Gonzalez
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When you first meet Francisco Gonzalez, or “Paco” as he is known to his friends, his peaceful demeanor reveals much about him. Like so many members of the ENLACE staff, Paco is extremely talented and well-qualified; He has Master Degrees in Agronomy as well as Integrated Water Resources Management. But if you've ever met Paco, it would come as no surprise that he regards his relationship with God as his most important asset for his work with ENLACE, accompanying local churches that desire to transform their communities.

“ENLACE motivates churches to love and help their neighbors through projects that transform their communities," says Paco in a recent interview.

Growing up in San Salvador, Paco had no interest in God. Upon attending a Christian high school, however, his world changed. He says that it was through the example of his teachers and classmates that he came to experience God’s love and recognized his need for God in his life.  

Coming to Christ opened doors and many new friendships to Paco. One such door was opened when he met David Bueno in 1996. David was looking for an agronomist who could oversee passion fruit production at ENLACE’s farm. Paco turned out to be the right person for the job. Since then, Paco has served in many roles with ENLACE including credit officer, agronomist and now helping to oversee multiple water projects including Project Milagro

  Paco training an agricultural committee in El Espino, El Salvador

Paco training an agricultural committee in El Espino, El Salvador

Speaking of the variety of work he has performed with ENLACE he says with his signature ear-to-ear grin, “Everything I've done has been interesting.”

The past 20 years have been a real blessing for Paco who has found support and love in the good times and hard times within ENLACE’s tight-knit staff. He says that the most memorable support that he received was during one of the hardest times in his life: when his twin brother, Felipe Eduardo, passed away. Paco was in Germany pursuing one of his masters degrees, and in spite of the distance he felt ENLACE’s sustaining encouragement.  “I could feel the support that I needed even though I was far away. It showed me that they really cared about me and it gave me the courage and strength to continue my studies in Germany.” 

“There is no doubt my life has been impacted by working with ENLACE,” declares Paco. “Besides teaching others how to bless their community, I also get involved in different community activities right where I live. I plant trees; I help neighborhood clean-up campaigns and anything I can do to get involved. When I become part of what they care about and help them with their needs I demonstrate God’s love for my neighbors.” 

Posted on November 5, 2014 .