For many people all around the world the act of drinking a cup of clean water is not a simple one.

Water can be dangerous: Over 3 million people die yearly from preventable water-related diseases. Half are children under the age of 5.

Water can be an unbearable burden to an already overburdened life: Every day, hours are spent hiking to wells or streams to fill jugs and buckets. Buying water from trucks can devour 1/3 of a person’s income, and it can still be contaminated.

Project Milagro

For the last 10 years, El Buen Samaritano Church in Las Delicias, El Salvador, has spearheaded the building of a water system that will provide clean, affordable water to 10,000 people in the communities of Las Delicias, Las Animas and El Rosario.

ENLACE has worked alongside this church, equipping them to work with local officials, community associations and hundreds of volunteers and helping them with the system’s design and implementation.

The effort has been long. Many obstacles have been encountered along the way, including natural disasters and lack of funds.

But miracles (or milagros) happen!

To date, three tanks and two pumping stations have been built; electricity and piping for the wells have been installed; pumps have been purchased; and a local water board has been created and legalized.

The final system will include three wells, four water tanks, three pumping stations, and about 38 miles of piping.


 Click on the image for to download the project update

Click on the image for to download the project update