Project Milagro Retrospective 2004-2010

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  • Additional distribution tank is completed
  • Main pumps are installed
  • First three km of piping are tested
  • Filtration system is installed
  • The fourth stage of the project is completed


  • U.S. Church Partner provides the necessary funding to begin construction of the first pipleline of the project
  • ANDA (the national water company) donates 1 mile of piping and provides technical help for the installation
  • Members from various communities donate their time to dig and install the piping by hand
  • Engineers Without Borders helps fund, design and construct a large water tank in Maroquines
  • U.S. Church Partner agrees to fund the filtration system 
  • The necessary infrastructure is built at the well station  


  • ENLACE begins concentrated efforts to raise outside funds to finish the project
  • Local water board pushes for and receives official non-profit status
  • Local leaders campaign to involve more government leaders and local organizations in their fund raising efforts


  • U.S. church partners raise money and come to El Salvador to successfully build another large distribution tank to serve Las Delicias, and finish the construction of the complex around the well site
  • Local water board begins application to receive status as a Salvadoran non-profit
  • A re-design of the project is performed to save a significant up-front and long-term costs
  • A commission is formed with ENLACE and local leaders to plan the fundraising and implementation of the final stages of the project


  • With the collaboration of the local water authority local churches, U.S. church partners, ENLACE, and community members, 3 wells successfully drilled
  • U.S. church partners raise money and come to El Salvador to successfully build one large distribution tank to serve Las Animas, and 1 cistern at well site 


  • A local water board is formed to drive project forward
  • Mayor agrees to help community with their efforts
  • ENLACE further equips local church, Buen Samaritano, and its community to organize their efforts.
  • ENLACE partners raise enough money to drill one well and build one distribution tank to serve Las Delicias
  • Drilling attempt in Las Delicias unsuccessful, but leaders respond courageously despite setback
  • Pastor Miguel (of Buen Samaritan church) agrees to help 2 other communities (El Rosario & Las Animas) in exchange for help by the local water authority
  • Local water authority agrees to provide equipment to drill wells in local river bed 1000 feet down and 3.5 miles from Las Delicias


  • Buen Samaritano church approaches local authorities again to try to solicit help for water
  • Community begins to reorganize to re-launch an attempt for water
  • Again, community told that water project is geologically impossible

Up to 2004

  • Community unable to find sustainable, clean water sources
  • Authorities declare finding water in region geologically impossible
  • Prices for purchasing water from trucks climbs to a point where 85% of the community spends up to 30% of monthly income on water

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